In 2013, we wanted to do something unique to acknowledge our hardworking employees.

We decided to dedicate a day to them to show our appreciation for their hard work throughout the year.


100% of sales go directly back to
our staff!

Yup, that’s right. Every dollar you spend on food and drinks goes right back to them during this one-day event.

In the past, Employee Appreciation Day has been a great success defined by an overwhelming response from our community and doubling our sales for that day! We are excited and looking forward to this year’s grand event.

Please help us promote this event throughout the community by word of mouth and social media. The more pizza we sell, the bigger the K-Crew bonus!


Klavon’s will be donating 100% of sales to the employees, from both locations during this one-day event. The staff members will receive 100% of sales from their location only. Tips are not included.


TBD – 2024

Tuesday, December 5th
11:00 am – 9:00 pm*

*We will stop seating and taking orders at 9:00 pm but will serve as long as we need to for the people we have seated.


All Klavons Locations: Jackson and Mason