Passionate people creating authentic pizza. Our team is made up of people with the will to master the craft.

We are always looking for respectful, open-minded invidiuals to help make us a stronger team.



Front of House Operations Direction Began career at Justin Tyme Pizza 2004

Andrea began working for Justin 17 years ago as a young high school student working at Justin Tyme Pizza. Little did she know, it was the start of her lifelong career path. She noticed that Justin was a one of a kind entrepreneur that she wanted to continue following as she had an appreciation for his attention to detail and level of expectation. Her love for the front of house began to develop when Klavon’s opened in 2007. Serving and bartending for the next decade, Andrea built strong relationships with guests that are still ongoing today. She is a testament of working through every position imaginable to achieve her goals with the company. today she oversees 100 front of house team members. Andrea plans to continue developing herself and hopes to retire with Klavon’s one day. “I have grown up with this company. I love what I do so much and it does not feel like work to me. I get to be a part of an amazing team in a high volume, fast paced environment, all while socializing with valued guests. It is truly a fun place to be! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me and for Klavon’s.”

david real


Back of House Operations Director
Began career in 2010

David began his Klavon’s debut in 2010 and over a decade later, he oversees the Back of House operations for both Klavon’s locations. He is always working to improve old systems as well as tinkering with new ideas and techniques on his quest to develop the next best pizza. In his spare time, David enjoys golfing, traveling, hiking, and almost anything that is outside. He and his wife live in Dexter, MI with their dog Ari.

major thom


Lead Back of House Manager - Mason
Began career in 2008

Thom is one of the originals and has been with us since the start! We have watched Thom grow from a young high school student in the dish room into a Lead Manager overseeing 40 team members. Although he is an expert in all areas of the kitchen, his favorite place to be is on the oven because of the hustle it takes to work this station during the rushes. His favorite pizza? A classic Stuffed Deluxe, which just so happens to be our top selling pie, “There’s just something about that pizza that hits right. You can’t go wrong with it.” Outside of work, Thom is a husband and father to son, Bernard. He is a star wars nerd, enjoys blacksmithing, gaming and attending the renaissance festival every year. Thom hopes to be in a corporate training position, overseeing these processes at all locations, “Working side by side with the staff and teaching them our techniques has always been what I am most passionate about.”



Lead Front of House Manager - Mason
Began career in 2014

Daniela’s love for being behind the bar began over a decade ago. She started her journey with us in 2014 as a bartender at our Jackson location and eventually went on to open our Mason location. Today, she oversees the entire front-of-house team and takes pride in building relationships with our guests, “I just love the varieties of personality I get to interact with. Since becoming a mom last year, I especially enjoy all of the children and families that come in and are fascinated with our bumblebee and fish tank in Mason.” When she isn’t enjoying her go-to Jack and Coke, she loves a bourbon-based cocktail combined with the tartness of fresh-squeezed lemon juice. Although the front of house is her passion, she has spent the last year becoming well-versed in the kitchen during the COVID-19 closures. “The pandemic has contributed to my growth so much with learning kitchen positions. An area I once avoided has become an area that I understand and have a deep respect for.”

brett sherwood


Assistant Back of House Manager - Mason
Began career in 2008

Brett has been slinging pizzas since the very beginning! He is known by staff and guests for making the most beautiful pies. He discovered his love for food while attending culinary classes at the career center in high school and learned the basics of food service, “I’ve always been fascinated by this industry and how the fine details really matter.” He is passionate about pizza and is always working to perfect his craft. His personal favorite? The Ragin’ Cajun calzone has been his top pick since day one and still is. In the future, he hopes to be a Lead Back of House Manager to give employees the same learning experiences he has had with the company, “For me, when I started here it took me awhile to really grasp things but it all finally clicked. I want to teach our staff not to overthink it, we are just having fun and making pizza!”

jessica good


Assistant Back of House Manager - Mason
Began career in 2016

Jessica began her career at our original location in and quickly became a master of her prep position. She is known to complete a prep list quicker than anyone with her ability to multi-task and make the most of every minute of her shift. Recently promoted to a management position at our Mason location, she is now learning the ins and outs of leading a team and teaching everyone to utilize their time like she does. Aside from prep, Jess really enjoys being on the grill line because of the fast paced environment and having to do so many different things at one time.

Outside of work, Jessica is a mother of 4 who enjoys creating special memories with her children. Coincidentally, she spends just as much time in the kitchen at home as she does in the restaurant. She is passionate about cooking big family meals and is always experimenting with new recipes. Jessica’s favorite memory at Klavon’s so far? The day she was promoted to management because she had worked so hard and it was amazing to be recognized and know all of her hard work has paid off.

adam beard


Lead Back of House Manager - Jackson
Began career in 2014

Adam’s mother and grandmother instilled a culinary passion into him at a very young age as he remembers always being in the kitchen cooking with them. His love for the industry shows in his work every day. His favorite position to work is grill line during fast-paced rushes in the restaurant because of the amount of multi-tasking it requires, “It is an extremely fast-paced environment that really puts your culinary skills to the test “.
Outside of work, Adam recently became a father to his 8-month-old son, Ian. He and his wife Emily met when they were just 15 years old and have been married for 8 years.
His long-term goals with Klavon’s are to manage a production kitchen for the company in which products would be prepared on a large scale and dispersed to each location.

kelsie masters


Assistant Back of House Manager - Jackson
Began career in 2016

Kelsie’s roots stem from her prep cook position that she began working in 5 years ago. “Prep is the foundation of success for the entire company. Being able to check the quality of everything that is being used in our product is very satisfying for me. I also love the challenge of having the prep list done on time to ensure all of the stations are set up for success for the day”. Kelsie began cooking at home and knew at the age of 11 that she wanted to fulfill a career in culinary arts. “My parents are the most hospitable people I’ve ever met. It was always a common thing to host family and friends at our house. This is where my love for food began at a very young age, seeing the joy it brought to everyone.” Kelsie attended Schoolcraft College in Livonia for culinary arts and has a particular interest in dough and the science of it. Long term, Kelsie would love to do prep on a bigger scale for Klavon’s, possibly in a production kitchen. Outside of work, Kelsie values time with family as well as her church family. They enjoy playing board games and having bonfires together.

hannah overton


Assistant Front of House Manager - Jackson
Began career in 2014

Although Hannah has been with the company for 7 years and has grown tremendously throughout this time, her biggest love in the restaurant still stems back to her original position as a hostess. This is where she first started her career path, training all new hosts that were hired in after her. Managing the waitlist at the front counter is her favorite position to work. “I love that I get to interact with every guest that comes into the building while in this position. My goal is to start their experience off as positive and personable as I possibly can. You are the first greet, the first face they see and the first experience they have when they come visit us.” Hannah plans to stay in the restaurant industry and continue a lifelong career path in it, “I’m incredibly passionate about what I do because I am passionate about food and I’m passionate about making people happy and those two things really go hand-in-hand.” Outside of work, Hannah has a 3-year old son named Ocean and plans to marry her fiance, Jesse in October of 2022.



Assistant Front of House Manager - Jackson
Began career in 2019

Emily began working for us in a serving position in 2019. She came from many years of hosting, serving and event coordinating and stood out in her position right away with her infectious energy and bubbly personality. During the COVID-19 shutdowns, Emily saw this as an opportunity to dive into our takeout area and quickly became an expert of takeout service. She showed leadership during these times by coaching the hosts on our procedures and fine tuning the functionality. This hard work and initiative ultimately led Emily to a full-time Assistant Front of House Managing position. Although she oversees the entire dining and takeout area now, her favorite place to be is still on takeout service, “I just love the high energy environment back there when we are managing traffic and pushing out orders. It’s so much fun and I love coaching my hosts on takeout. They have become so self-sufficient over this past year and it makes me proud!”



Assistant Front of House Manager - Mason
Began career in 2019

Hailey began working with the company at 16 years old as a host, and her drive to learn more and her bubbly personality helped her pave a path through all of the FOH positions and into management in less than 3 years. 

Pursuing degrees ins Business Administration and Psychology, Hailey’s favorite parts of her position are the ability to train and develop new employees, and the relationships she builds with guests and team members. “I just love that I have the opportunity to change people’s lives and help start the foundation of their professional life. Additionally to know that I can come in to a family that loves and cares for me as much as I do them is so uplifting.”

Outside of work, Hailey enjoys spending time with her family and friends outdoors and being a momma to her two sweet pups, Eddy and Athena.